Triple R Biochar
Portland, VIC
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We are passionate about making Biochar a natural soil improver. It is made from high grade woody plant materials - totally natural. Our Biochar is made in a temperature controlled pyrolysis machine that ensures a quality porous carbon product is consistently made. Due to its high porosity Biochar is able to gain up to five times its own weight in water and nutrients. We call this characteristic adsorption capacity. When the pyrolysis zone temperature is greater than 500°C this ensures elevated Biochar adsorption capacity. In addition we laboratory test our product as part of our quality control process. Biochar helps boost composting processes, retains moisture, as well as nutrients in the soil that otherwise could be lost to leaching. Biochar promotes soil life,houses beneficial soil bacteria/fungi in it's open structure, which help promote plant growth and Biochar can also assist in the germination of many plant seeds. 

Carbon is the backbone of life (living organisms consisting of mainly carbon-based compounds) so by adding Biochar your are increasing carbon in your soil an essential building block of life - often overlooked. Our Premium Biochar contains over 75% pure carbon ready to bring life to your soil and garden. We also sell Enhanced Biochar that has some nutrient value typically: Nitrogen 3.5%; Phosphorus 1.5%; Potassium 2.5%. Biochar  also has the added benefit of retaining carbon in soils for the long-term and therefore is an effective means to help reduce the impacts of climate change through sequestering carbon that would normally be lost to the atmosphere.

Our process makes carbon storage a visible process so that people can see that they are making a difference while at the same time improving their soil. Biochar had been used for thousands of years in the Amazon region and in other cultures around the globe, but with the advent of 'modern' agricultural practices much of this knowledge was lost, but happily it is now being rediscovered.

We are commited to providing a quality product that  is made to the highest standards. We laboratory test our Biochar as part of our quality control process..

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