Truffleberry Farms
Navigators, VIC
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Coming from Perigord region in France, we have a heritage growing the black, winter Perigord truffle. (Australia is now the 4th largest producer in the world). As a pioneer in growing truffles in Victoria (2001), we also produce a natural, real, pure truffle oil. This is not easy, taking us 5 years to perfect a saleable product. The reason is that truffle is a highly perishable - 14 day shelf life - organic fungi. Infused real, natural truffle in oils typically have a 3 month shelf life, and can be dangerous from the health point of view after that. This is what we first produced, until we decided that the product posed a health risk is used after it "Use By" date.. Hence we have now developed a non-contact method of infusing just the essence or perfume of the truffle into the most suitable of local Australia olive oils. As you know, Australian olive oils carry a 'Best Before' date of 2 years since pressing, as both taste and nutritional values deteriorate substantially over this time. This is to distinguish them from the cheap imported, old olive oils (with no use by date) that Europe does not want. If you are not aware, 99.9% of truffle oils use synthetic essences, mainly the 'aroma' or 'truffle aroma' chemical product. These are referred to as 'fake' truffle oils in the industry. Real truffle oil may lack the 'biggest bang for the buck' impact of the fake chemical product, but has a far more interesting and lingering flavour. See what Gordon Ramsay and other foodies have to say about the differences between real, natural truffle oil and fake truffle oil, by looking up 'truffle oil in Wiki. Not very complimentary of the fake, chemical non-truffle oils!

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