Waggle Dance Honey Company
Dalyellup, WA
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"The Sweetest Place on Earth" Honey harvested and packaged by the beekeeper who takes the stings since 1998. Waggle Dance Honey Company established in 1998 hand harvest's our honey from the Forests and Ranges of the Great Southern of Western Australia. These Forests and Ranges provide the most unique flora for beekeeping in Western Australia .In keeping with this natural holistic approach all our honey is processed to organic standards of minimal warming to hive temperature, or simply all our honey is raw. This ensures the natural properties of honey are found in each and every jar. For those seeking therapeutic and medicinal qualities our Cold Pressed Virgin Comb Honey is unsurpassed. Simply drained from the comb and sealed straight into your jar for you to enjoy. Our Holistic Care Here at Waggle Dance Honey we adopt a much less intrusive style of beekeeping. We need to educate the next generation of beekeepers also, as much harm may be done to the colonies by frequently transporting and opening the hives for inspection. These stresses put on bees can only be remedied by beekeepers who are willing to adopt a much less invasive Holistic approach to their beekeeping. These actions then support the restoration of the natural immune response of the bees to the diseases that are plaguing them. The result is a much healthier hive. We are all aware that honey bees have been dying in increasingly alarming numbers.Bees were held sacred in all ancient cultures. Their survival was assured over millions of years. In less than 150 years this has changed dramatically. Honey bees are responsible for the pollination of the majority of the food crops that we have come to rely on. Without these essential pollinators our food supply will be seriously threatened. When bees are cared for with due regard for their intrinsic needs and their natural life expressions are supported, caring for the bees becomes a source of joy and wonder. Holistic beekeeping is seeking to understand the nature of bees and maintaining at all times an attitude of respect for this unique life form. Jock Ross Beekeeper

Waggle Dance Honey Company is committed to supplying an expanding Australian niche market with unique, delicious, healthy honey, free of chemicals and artificial contaminants -as nature intended.


We ship our honey one day per week* in export quality boxes to ensure that your honey is packed securely to avoid damages. Orders recieved by Sunday, will be dispatched on Monday. Shipping takes 1-5 days depending on location. 

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*Excludes our virgin honey which takes 7 days to make. 


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