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Smoking Bishop - syrup for mulled wine
Wimmera Hills Winery
Elmhurst, VIC
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High in the upper reaches of the Wimmera basin, grazing country meets rugged forest. Hot days and cold nights. Sparse soil over shattered sandstone. This is the Pyrenees Range; this is where great shiraz is born. The vineyard was planted in 2001. Three generations of our family work our vineyard and winery. Wimmera Hills Winery tempers the austerity of the renowned Pyrenees style with carefully handmade wine.  Recently we became a boutique distillery making gins and liqueurs under the brand name of Mrs Baker's Still House.
Our winemaker and distiller, Benjamin Baker, attentively nurtures each product mixing the best of traditional techniques with innovative ideas and technology. Benjamin delights your senses by making new wine styles and specialty gins that have never been experienced before.
It was Benjamin's vision to establish a vineyard and raise his young family in the pristine valleys of the Pyrenees Ranges. Making dreams a reality on the south-west side of the Pyrenees Ranges, at Glenpatrick. The creeks here are all tributary to the Wimmera River, which give the name to the winery.    The distillery is named after all the great Mrs Bakers.

Wimmera Hills Winery makes really enjoyable handmade wine at an affordable price. Our products are made from our farm grown grapes and carefully selected ingredients.

Wimmera Hills Winery maintains a high standard of food handling in the winery to be able to make wines with lower sulphur preservatives.

If you are not happy with the wines or other products delivered, please contact Wimmera Hills Winery and return the goods for a full refund of the purchase price.

It is illegal to supply alcohol to persons under the age of 18 years.  You must be over 18 years of age to purchasing wine from this online store.
Licence No. 32604818

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