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Ocean Shores, NSW
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Coffee Australia partners with local coffee growers in Northern NSW to present the best of Australia's sub tropical grown coffee. We work with the farms to select the best of their seasonal crop, and then decide to present it either as a single estate coffee or as a blend with premium international coffees. Our work is centred on the area that we live - so we can always drive to the farm to ensure quality, and to build sustainable relationships with our valuable coffee farmers. We roast our coffee in small batches to order each week, filling only the orders we have to hand. There is no roasting ahead to ensure supply - we simply respond to the present demand. This ensures you always receive the freshest possible coffee to enjoy at home. We use only state of the art packaging, with one way valves, resealable bags once opened, and non-permeable materials to ensure that moisture and odours do not contaminate your coffee. Our roasting philosophy is simple - you should taste the coffee, not the roasting process, in your cup. Good chef's know to 'get out of the way' of good ingredients, and we do the same. We coax the best flavours out of the raw coffee through applying state of the art technology in our roasting facility, finding a roast profile for each coffee bean that we use that is individual to that coffees processing and growing history. This allows us to achieve a 'clean cup' without roasty, toasty or burnt flavours, or indeed of sour, green and undeveloped flavours. We taste our own coffee every day, and experience first hand peoples reactions to our coffees at our local farmers markets. Join us for a taste of coffee in Australia. It is Locally Grown, and Locally Roasted.

Product Order Terms:

Coffee Australia retains ownership of all goods supplied until full payment has been made and the goods are dispatched. Once dispatched, the ownership of goods belongs to the purchaser.

All products supplied by Coffee Australia are produced with the maximum amount of effort and care. If you are not satisfied with the coffee product supplied you are welcome to return it and have it replaced with another coffee product at no charge (not including postage).

Our normal production days are Monday and Tuesday each week. We use Australia Post to dispatch our products. We will endeavour to produce your order within 3-5 days of ordering. Please allow another 3-5 days for delivery.

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